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    Adhere to safe production, advocate environmental protection

    We are committed to building perfect service system.

    Shandong Haike Chemical Company is established in 1988 and located in Shandong Donying Chemical Industry Park. The original name is Shandong Dongying Petroleum Chemical Factory with modified its structure and named by Dongying Haike Chemical Co., Ltd.in September of 2000. It is renamed to Dongying Haike Chemical Group Co. Ltd.in November of 2004 and Shandong Haike Chemical Co., Ltd. in March of 2020. The total investment shall be 320 Million RMB and the revenue was 11.14 billion RMB.

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    Innovative Green Products

    Haike makes the recycle of renewable resource and product of green and low carbon, when Haike Chemical transfers waste cooking oil into high-end aviation fuel. Comparing with the traditional aviation fuel, the bio-aviation will reduce 80% carbon emission, that is 830,000-ton carbon per year. It starts a transformation from traditional refining to high-end, green, and low carbon producer.

    Petroleum coke

    Mainly used in producing carbon products to smelting of steel, non-ferrous metal, and aluminium

    Diesel oil

    Product features: low fuel consumption, resistant to combustion; high clean, less carbon deposition; high sixteen alkanes, good burning performance;


    Low consumption, low carbon, high cetane number


    Widely used in detergent, paper and pulp, carbon disulfide, explosives, medicine, food industry, rubber, etc.

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    Lean Management

    Better development of a company needs support from leadership. Management of different levels firmly believe the company will develop steadily with 6S management system.